1. A Safety orientation and testing is given to all new employees. This testing is completed in the office before a new hire goes out on any jobsite.
    If a more intense site specific training is needed and a video is provided by the secondary employer, that video and any testing will be viewed prior to going out to that job site.
  2. Safety glasses, hard hats, safety vests, hearing protection, gloves and boots are available to employees (some at a cost).
  3. All employees are required to report any and all injuries no matter how minor they may seem
  4. All Secondary employers are subjected to a site facility safety inspection and overview of safety program and orientation to insure the safety of all ASAP employees.
  5. A mandatory monthly safety meeting is held in each ASAP office to go over any safety hazards and or accidents to discuss and to reduce similar occurrences from happening.
    This may be followed up with an on site investigation and review of safety training materials.
  6. All employees are required to report any job site safety hazards that exist. The hazards must be corrected or our employees will be removed from that site until the hazardous situation is abated.
  7. ASAP employees are not allowed to work on any energized circuits unless properly trained and certified by an OSHA LOTO trainer.
  8. ASAP has ZERO tolerance for Drugs and Alcohol. This is enforced through the “Drug and Alcohol Policy” in the ASAP handbook. As a safety precaution, this policy prohibits on-the-job involvement with alcohol or illegal drugs. Employees are subjected to random drug testing.
  9. The first report of injury form has been expanded with more questions to investigate more thoroughly any accidents that may happen. This allows us to research possible safety hazards and prevention of similar accidents in the future.
  10. All employees must know and understand any chemicals that they may come in contact with during their shift and the proper PPE that must be worn and know where the MSDS Books/SDS Books are located.
  11. All employees are eligible for the “Always Safe Always Preventable” program. This is a safety incentive program that rewards employees for working with no lost time accidents on a month to month basis.
  12. ASAP offers on site OSHA safety training to all employees and employers at an additional cost to the employer. Please contact your ASAP Representative for more information on this matter.