How to Properly Report a Safety Mishap to Your Manager

Safety in the workplace has been of growing concern over the last few decades as more and more employers are taking strides to protect their most important asset – their workforce. However, despite how well trained a staff is and how many safety measures are in place, accidents and mishaps happen. And often, it isn’t the mishap, but how an employee reacts to it that can make all the difference.


While most staff are well versed in how to avoid accidents and mitigate safety concerns, it is of equal importance to know how to respond to them if and when they arise. Fortunately, when it comes to properly reporting an incident to your manager, all that is required is a little common sense.


Respond Immediately


Time is of the essence when it comes to accidents in the workplace. If you notice that a mishap has occurred, whether you were involved in it or not, it is important to tell a manager immediately. They will have the training to assess the situation, determine if medical treatment or first aid is required, and how to eliminate the hazard quickly and efficiently through a set of predetermined procedures.


Determine the Facts


Once the mishap has been addressed, contained and/or eliminated, most companies will launch an on-site investigation. Typically, this will be done quickly so the facts of the incident are still fresh in mind. To help with this process, you should make note of such important facts as:


  • Date, time and location of incident
  • Names, title and department of employees involved
  • Names of witnesses
  • Events leading up to the mishap
  • What employees were doing when the incident happened
  • Environmental Conditions (blocked pathway, wet floor, etc.)


It is important to remember as much as you can about an incident to not only help the investigation, but also prevent further mishaps in the future.


At this point, the investigation is typically out of the hands of an employee; however, you should be prepared to have your employer follow up with you to fill in any gaps about the incident.


Workplace is safety is important for all employees and requires an active level of involvement in order for it to work. By participating in training programs and versing yourself in safety procedures, you can not only help create a safer work environment, but also a more productive one.


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