Struggling to Find a Job? Have You Considered Working With a Staffing Agency?

There are a lot of reasons a person looks for a new job; so many, in fact, it seems almost foolish to list them all. However, regardless of the reason you find yourself back on the job market, there is one thing that just about everyone can agree upon whether you have been looking for several days, a few weeks or a couple of months – finding a job, let alone a good one is hard to do.


So, where does that leave you? Well, for many it simply means they will keep plugging away, searching job boards, sending out resumes and hoping for the best. While that is one approach you can take, there is another possibility, and it is one that comes with greater potential and more opportunity, and that is using a staffing agency.


If you are struggling to find work or are not happy with the results you are getting, here are some of the best reason to give yourself an edge over the competition and contact a staffing agency today.

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything

    There is a popular misconception that using a staffing agency costs an arm and a leg; however, in reality, recruiters are paid by the employer, not potential candidates.

  2. You can tap into the “hidden” job market

    If you think the only jobs available are the ones you see posted online, you are mistaken. Some of the best companies to work for go directly through a recruitment agency to find the best talent, which makes using one the only logical place to start your search.

  3. Focus in on the position/company you want to work with

    If you are looking to work for a company that utilizes your specific skill set, using a recruiter is a great way to get your foot in the door and make it happen.

  4. Get insider information

    When you use a staffing agency, you can rest assured they have been briefed on all the details about that company, including corporate culture. What this means is you will know how to make a better impression and how to present yourself in a more compatible way.

  5. Your success is in their best interest

    As we mentioned earlier, staffing agencies get paid by the company doing the hiring; however, that is conditioned on them actually hiring someone the recruiter presents. For this reason, you can be confident a staffing agency will work tirelessly to ensure you are presented for jobs that are a good fit for you. This will save you time, stress and likely lead you to a great job.


While there is no magic formula for getting the job you want, it is always best to do everything in your power to help ensure success, and that usually means partnering with a staffing agency. So whether you are unhappy in your current job or are simply looking for something new, putting your faith in the right recruitment specialists will not only save you time and stress, it will help you get a job that is right for you.



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