Remove These 5 Things From Your Morning Routine to Become a Better Leader

What does your morning routine look like? If it involves hitting the snooze button twice, taking a nice long shower and spending 30 minutes making the perfect breakfast, we have some news for you – that isn’t the morning routine of a leader.


So, what does a leader’s routine look like? Perhaps it’s easier to say what it doesn’t look like as we delve into five things to ditch from your morning routine.


Stop Hitting the Snooze

We’ve all done it before and it can take some getting used to, but getting up on when your alarm goes off can be a game changer. Why? Simple, every time you hit snooze and drift back to sleep, you are starting a new sleep cycle and one that is destined to be disrupted. So, while not easy, getting up at the first alarm is a great way to set your day up for energized success.


Ditch the Long, Hot Showers

Few things feel as good as standing under a steady stream of near-boiling water; especially first thing in the morning. However, hot showers lower your heart rate and make you feel more like taking a nap than tackling the day. Instead, take a short shower with the water temperature verging on cool. It will not only save you time, but this practice will leave you energized all day.


Stop Making Breakfast

Now, we didn’t say you should stop eating breakfast, rather, you should stop wasting your time preparing it; at least, in the morning. Getting into the habit of meal prepping at night can not only free up a lot of time each morning, it can also ensure you eat healthy and satisfying food that will keep you full and energized all day long.


Stop Checking Emails

What’s the harm of reaching for your phone and checking your work email first thing in the morning? “Just checking” your emails can quickly turn into replying which in turn gets the mind wound up and stressed, all before it has had a proper chance to even wake up. Try to reserve that first email check until you get to the office; trust us, your blood pressure and soundness of mind will appreciate it.


Stop Stressing Over Your Clothes

Clothes are an important part of the working world and it is often those who are dressed for success that reaps the rewards. However, trying to choose a look while trying to do everything else in the morning can often be too much. Instead, prepare your outfit the night before and enjoy all of your new found free time in the morning.


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