Why make safety a priority?

Work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths hurt everyone.

For workers: Work injuries and illnesses can affect every aspect of their life, including finances and family.

For employers, work injures can cause:

  • Increased turnover
  • Decreased productivity
  • Diminished quality of work
  • Lowered employee morale
  • Raised injury/illness costs
  • Increased workers’ compensation insurance rates

Safety pays for everyone:

The cost of injury prevention is far less than the cost of an injury

As an Employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. ASAP Safety & Health Solutions can help build your safety program. This will also help you focus your efforts on improving your work environment.

What makes a successful system:

A successful system will be part of your overall business operation, as important as the other things you do to succeed in business.

We offer a wide variety of training and programs:

Safety Programs

  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Train the Trainer Courses
  • One-on-One training for Managers and Leads

Classes We Offer

  • Back Safety
  • Safety Orientation
  • Driving Safety
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fall Protection Safety
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Food Safety and Personal Hygiene
  • Workplace Fire Safety
  • Eye Safety
  • Forklift Safety
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Hazard Communication Safety
  • Safety Data Sheet Training
  • Chemical Labels Training
  • Aerial and Scissor Left Safety
  • Heat Stress

Other L&I Services

  • L&I Consultations
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • DOSH/WISHA Inspections
  • Claims management assistant with current and old claims
  • Investigations into claims
  • Writing new, or updating, Policies and Procedures in your work industry


We can take care of all your safety needs from writing your safety program(s) to training your entire staff and employees.

Let ASAP Safety & Health Solutions help you make a safer place for you and your employees. Contact us today.

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